Vegie Life – Vegetable Patés | Sanovita

About 24 years ago, SanoVita committed to delivering healthy and quality products to the Romanian market. In the Sanovita portfolio, a new brand of vegetable pate, Vegie Life, has joined. It was a challenge to build a consistent and distinct packaging design on the shelf and to support the entire product portfolio for the 2 pate ranges: Red lentil and Bob lentil. 

Vegie Life vegetable pate - Packaging Design

The challenge is more beautiful when you have a good product

The challenge of the “brief” received from SanoVita was not about delivering a “cute design”, but to find a flexible solution for a portfolio of 4 pates for each of the 2 product ranges: Red lentil and Bob lentil. Probably the most difficult aspect of the project, which is the main success factor of the design direction, is the ability to bring together all the sub-categories of pates under a unitary concept.

In order to achieve this goal successfully, we have developed a sufficiently generous graphic concept that can support the entire product portfolio for the 2 ranges of vegetable pate: Red lentil and grain.

Vegie Life vegetable pate - Packaging Design
Vegie Life vegetable pate - Packaging Design

Packaging design: It’s me, your product!

The packaging design must tell a story to sell, it is your ad on the shelf. A pack on the shelf of a supermarket needs less than 3 seconds to attract future consumer attention. That’s why BroHouse’s bet was to create a packaging design that would become a symbol to itself.

The concept that was the basis of the master packaging was that of “tastes of old times” restored into a clean, natural and healthy product, a promise respected by the SanoVita brand since 1995. The 2 illustrations are extracted from a long time ago: the pewter cart and peasant carriage, generating a rational impact that refers only to the benefits of the 2 product ranges Vegie Life. We thought for each pate a new packaging design, keeping the elements that identify the brand, but at the same time offering them differentiation in the portfolio and on the shelf.

The packaging design of each label remains in the “master packaging” solution, although each label retains individual elements specific to each product, without altering the degree of recognition and familiarity of the Vegie Life brand.

Vegie Life vegetable pate - Red Pepper - Packaging Design

Simplicity and good taste

We managed to create a simple, clean and easy design in order to consumers understand the package, which stands out in comparison to the rest of the category products through elegance. In order to gain the visibility of the Vegie Life brand on the shelf, it was not necessary for an extravagant and crowded design, but simplicity only.

Vegie Life vegetable pate - Dill and Olive - Packaging Design

Natural products, natural colors

The color plays an essential role in communicating the 2 ranges of pates. The brown color, the color of the earth returned to Pate from red lentil, and the blue color remained for Bob pate. The 2 colors communicate the distinction between the 2 ranges, making the purchase easier, as well the retention.

Vegie Life vegetable pate - Display Box Design

Long-term results and other certainties:

  • Increased visibility on the shelf.
  • Flexible master packaging that allows the development of the brand into different categories.
  • The articulation of the philosophy on which the SanoVita brand was built.
  • Increased testing of the product for the “bio” audience segment.
  • Packaging design relevant to the target consumer.