We graduated life’s school of identity

    BroHouse’s philosophy is based on the two founder’s, Costin and Horia Oane, life experience as twin brothers; their life-long-challenge is to make others perceive the difference between two similar faces. Similarity is what thought them how to make a difference. Both in life and business.


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    Bronze Award Pentawards BroHouse28/09/2020

    BroHouse wins Bronze at the Pentawards 2020 Packaging Awards

    At the Pentawards Gala Ceremony in London, BroHouse agency won the bronze trophy at the world's leading and most prestigious competition for packaging design. The bronze award was offered in the Food Trends category by a truly prestigious jury.

    beer buckets illustration02/12/2018

    Costin Oane is the winner of the Pack Romania 2018 for the creation of the Ground Zero Beer label

    The team of Costin Oane and the print producers Romprix and Total CMYK was the winner of the second edition of the design and production competition, “Think About The Box”.     

    When HR meets branding06/06/2017

    Interview: When HR meets branding, miracles will happen.

    The effects of branding actions are also visible in the use and performance of HR in the hiring arena. The life of the HR department could be much easier and more efficient, with the promise that HR will focus a serious partnership with an internal or external branding expert.

    boiling water illustration26/06/2018

    Opinion: Being invisible is much worse than failing

    Building a brand means putting yourself 100% in the spotlight. Being invisible may seem like a superpower when you're a teenager and at the beginning of the road, but it's the last thing that you want for your business. Trademarks are primarily visible entities.

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    • “I have worked with several marketing and branding companies over the years and I have never met a team like BroHouse. Once you experience this level of quality and service for yourself you’ll never look for another branding company again. Don’t work with BroHouse unless you are ready to develop and promote a healthy branding plan, one that is sure to take it to the next level.“

    • “BroHouse is one of the best branding studios in Romania. Creative and always on time! Highly recommended!"

    • “We are very happy about this collaboration that I wish to continue. I am also curious about what we will develop in the future together!“

    • “For me working with BroHouse was a wonderful experience. I really believe they are the best identity design studio in Romania.”

    • “In the beginning I thought I needed a designer. They helped me to understand who I want to become, what to do and what to say"

    • “If you plan to work with BroHouse, I have just one advice. The less you try to point them in a specific direction, the happier you'll be”

    • “We didn't have much knowledge of branding and design, but Costin knew how to take us into a direction that allowed us to build a fresh, innovative brand from scratch”