BroHouse, with its knack for packaging design and branding, spearheaded the transformation of Frigane‘s frozen meat range. The mission was simple yet crucial: make every product visually appealing, exuding freshness and top quality. The result? Irresistible packaging that encapsulates the essence of Frigane’s tempting frozen meat products. BroHouse offered a comprehensive suite of services perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the packaging design project for Frigane. 

logo design Frigane

The Best Food Choice When You Don’t Have Time to Cook

The logo “Frigane” aims to bring new emotions to customers. The buyers should be involved not only in the purchase process, but also in the process of unpacking the product. The brand identity captures the essence of the brand and appeals to an audience on a global level. The nature of the logo was inspired by the feeling of consumers making something delicious for themselves, where the chef is actually you. It taps into the joy of self-indulgence and culinary exploration, making each purchase a memorable and satisfying journey of culinary self-expression.

Frigane frozen nuggets

Frozen Traditional Ready Meals

At Frigane, we’re passionate about bringing traditional cuisine to your doorstep with our frozen ready meals. We knew that the packaging had to be as unique and memorable as the recipes themselves. That’s why we set out to create packaging that perfectly complements the product, with bold colors and elegant typography that capture the essence of each recipe.

But packaging alone wasn’t enough. We wanted to ignite the Frigane brand with a unique ethos that celebrates new experiences and challenges the status quo. Our brand ethos encourages you to explore new flavors and experiment with different ingredients, whether you’re an experienced chef or a novice cook. We want you to indulge in a gourmet dinner without spending hours in the kitchen, to savor the rich flavors and aromas of traditional cuisine with every bite.

So go ahead, push boundaries, seek different perspectives, and ask “why not?” With Frigane, the culinary world is your oyster.

Frigane chicken breast nuggets

Scalable visual design language

We aimed to give the semi-finished meat products a generous appearance that reflects their high-quality and delicious contents. Our packaging graphics followed a systematic approach that allowed for easy adaptation to different products and categories, with a cohesive brand identity maintained across the entire range.

To achieve this, we developed a scalable visual design language that could be extended for an ever-expanding product range. The use of different category colors helped consumers easily identify the different kinds of products. Our design approach was based on creating a clear and consistent brand identity that resonates with customers and reflects the quality of all Frigane products

Frigane nuggets & fish sticks

Unleashing the Power of Packaging Design: Storytelling

Our packaging graphics were designed to communicate important information to consumers, such as nutritional content and cooking instructions, while maintaining the tone of the Frigane brand. For example, we used vibrant colors and playful typography to convey a sense of freshness and fun. By bringing a modern aesthetic to the design, we were able to create packaging that is both informative and visually appealing. Overall, our goal was to provide consumers with a narrative through the packaging that conveys the high quality and appetizing nature of our products.

In essence, our overarching objective was to provide consumers with a storytelling experience through our packaging. We aimed to convey the message of premium quality and the delectable essence of our products, ensuring that every encounter with Frigane’s packaging becomes a prelude to a delightful culinary adventure.

Frigane frozen fish sticks
Frigane plastic casserole
Logo Frigane Sign Wall

Long-term results and other certainties:

  • The flexibility of the master packaging allows the continuation and expansion of the Frigane portfolio with new semi-finished meat products
  • We were thus able to create a design that stands out on the store shelves and is easily distinguishable from its competitor
  • Increased visibility on the shelf.
  • The articulation of the philosophy on which the Frigane brand was built