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The chain of stores called Pelind is a Romanian company based in Câmpulung-Argeș, established in 1997 with the object of activity the trade with construction materials. The Pelind expansion led to the extension of the brand and the core values ​​that have built in the past. In this context, Pelind needed a rebranding, more than a facelift. He needed a strategic solution to line up his brand to the new context already created.

Pelind logo design | Rebranding
Pelind logo design | Rebranding
Pelin Rebranding - Before and After

Verbal mark, the returning to its origins

The verbal mark (the name of the business) is made up of 2 words “Pelind” and “Family”, both are 2 strong words with distinct meanings. After 22 years of business, the adjuvant word “Family” has no longer offering any benefit. In the context of the rebranding process, we choose to abandon the word “Family” from the structure of the word mark because it weakened the impact and study of sounds “Pelind”. In this way the “locomotive” of the word mark remains “Pelind”, concentrating between the process of rebranding in one word.

Pelind icons DIY

Brand audit: tell me who you are, to tell you how I sell you!

Pelind is the story of a business family, run by the second generation, with a history of 22 years, enough for a cold analysis of the current status of the brand. In this stage, we analyzed all aspects of the Pelind brand in the context of the market, industry, and competitors. From the visual and verbal expression (name, identity and identity elements) to its external manifestations (internal communication materials, external communication materials, marketing actions, etc.)

The audit brand gave us with 3 main conclusions:

  1. There is no assumed positioning (as a strategic business direction).
  2. Pelind is in a problem of “establishment” in the market (“where and what are we after 22 years?”)
  3. We identified a requirement of them for a position in knowledge (professional authority).
Pelind icons grid construction

Positioning: the partner of your home

Pelind is the expert who knows how to answer your questions, whether you want to renovate your kitchen, your bedroom or you need the right materials for your client’s projects.

It’s the store that meets the specific needs of daily life, synchronizing customer requirements with cheer, from a specialized transport to technical support, just for you to see your plans in action.

It’s a position that slides easily into knowledge (consultancy, technical assistance, specialists, transport), which comes to take over some of the weight of the decision and responsibility for any works. It is an assumed position and a strong differentiator in the local market.

Pelind Interior Signage Store

The color yellow, the color of the Earth

In so many cultures, yellow is the color of the Earth. It is a warm and relaxing color but also for transformations and simplicity (it shows the “new beginnings” / the desire for a new beginning – as are all the transformations of houses). From the full spectrum of colors (it is part of the 3 primary colors), yellow is the first color that the eye observes. It has the best contrast with black, even better than white non-color view.

Pelind logo grid construction

A symbol ready for the future

When a company logo is created, there is a huge opportunity: to improve it. The main solution here is not to tell a new story, but to tell the same story in a new and interesting way. It’s another way of expressing. It’s an improved sight.

When it comes to a logo, abstracting is one of the most important concepts when it comes to making a logo. Abstracting is the idea of ​​throwing everything that is not essential to the message transmission.

Pelind shop card | DIY

Brand Slogan: “Start from here”

It is a message that identifies one of the most important stages: the beginning. Communicates the essential value of the “beginning”: choosing the right metrics and consulting with specialists. The slogan “Start from here” communicates the position of Pelind. As a strategic direction, Pelind assumes the important role it plays in a larger and more complex process. Pelind it is not just the store where you found construction material, it is a partner for your project (consultations with professionals, transport, equipment rental, etc.).

In addition, the slogan “Start from here” subtly communicates the new beginning for Pelind. It is a short and powerful slogan, which communicates a guarantee message that ensures the success of any project, whether you want to renovate your kitchen or bedroom, or you need the right materials for your clients’ projects.

Pelind Employee T-shirt
Pelind Outdoor Flags
Pelind citylights rebranding outdoor campaign
Pelind citylights rebranding outdoor campaign
Pelind Branch Exterior
Pelind Logo Building Exterior 3D

Long-term results and other certainties:

  • Rebranding offered a more efficient brand communication system.
  • The brand identity is modern and reconfirms to the business the status of a local leader, in the retail category.
  • Identify the position and express it visually.
  • Establish a system of rules and recommendations that apply to all the fundamental visual elements of the verbal and figurative mark.