Dentica, situated in the heart of Bucharest, is a top-tier dental clinic renowned for its superior brand identity. Their dedicated team of young specialists employs state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every patient experiences the finest and most efficient dental treatments available.

Dentica Logo Design

Brand Identity: Smiling is a serious thing

In the fiercely competitive dental clinics market, our client recognized the imperative need for a robust and compelling identity for the Dentica clinic. From the outset of our collaboration, we were determined to steer clear of clichéd solutions—such as the ubiquitous tooth symbol or a bitten apple—prevailing in the industry, symbols that had lost their intrinsic meaning and relevance. Instead, our entire branding process was driven by the narrative of Dentica’s two young founders, who aspired to provide a warm, home-like atmosphere for their patients, making their medical service exceptionally friendly.

The creative simplicity of our graphic symbol revolves around the singular concept of a bright and healthy smile, effectively dispelling the often daunting perception associated with dental care. This bold positioning sets Dentica apart from local competitors, capturing the essence of the clinic’s values: the genuine care and passion of the Dentica team, dedicated to ensuring that every patient leaves with a truly radiant smile.

Dentica logo smile concept
Dentica business cards design
Dentica Stationary Design

This distinct brand identity not only breaks away from industry stereotypes but also mirrors Dentica’s commitment to fostering a welcoming and comfortable environment. The intelligent and healthy smile portrayed in our design serves as a powerful symbol, dispelling the fears and apprehensions typically associated with dental visits.

Through this branding approach, Dentica communicates its dedication to providing comprehensive dental care that goes beyond the clinical aspects. The clinic’s values are encapsulated in the symbol: a deep concern for patients’ well-being and a genuine passion for creating complete smiles.

In a market saturated with conventional imagery, Dentica’s brand identity stands out as a courageous departure, demonstrating the clinic’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the dental care experience and putting a genuine smile on the faces of its patients.

Dentica shopping bag design

Print materials

The process of constructing the visual identity for “Dentica” was meticulously executed by our talented BroHouse team. It involved a series of key elements strategically designed to visually narrate the story and services of Dentica. This was done in a bold and informative manner, ensuring that all our branding materials possessed the power to profoundly impact the future of the dental clinic industry.

Every piece of material crafted for Dentica was curated with a deep understanding of the dental field, positioning us as specialists in the industry. These materials were thoughtfully aligned with the established visual identity, which in turn, bolstered our brand’s credibility and communicated our commitment to excellence

Dentica Mug Coffee Design
Dentica Binder Design
Dentica interior dental clinic design

Interior design

Dentica identity integrates elegantly with the interior design and creates a friendly and harmonious environment for the client. The interior design for the Dentica clinic was intended to provide clients with exceptional medical care in a beautiful and friendly environment, aligned with the brand architecture.

Dentica front office dental clinic
the founders of Dentica - Gabriel Cojocariu & Silvia Covrig
Dentica Stationary Design
Dentica pencil Design
Team of Specialists | Dentica

Long-term results and other certainties:

  1. The results of the branding process have increased the quality perception for dental services.


  • “BroHouse. Professionalism from real professionals. Our experience with BroHouse was stellar from the get-go and it was a dream working with this effective team that really cares for their clients success. For Dentica we were looking for a touch of modernism and we have been very impressed by BroHouse’s ability to literally read our minds and deliver the identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed. Their advice, creativity and guidance were valuable and honest. We were never left waiting or wondering with questions. It’s a pleasure to work with someone so open-minded and responsive and we couldn't be happier with the professionalism, expertise and service they continue to provide us." They are wizards. Thank you!“