Dracula Castle | Rebranding

Dracula’s Castle is an unmatched country brand, a film, and a literary product, and more recently, a tourist one. Over the course of 2 years of work, we are grateful that we have developed and participated in the value of the location brand “Bran Castle”, together with the team of professionals from the castle administration. 

Rebranding Dracula Castle | Logo Design

The most famous brand in Romania

Bran Castle holds besides the real estate value, the architectural value and the historical value, the castle embodies a legend: the legend of Count Dracula. Based on this legend, Bran Castle is known as Count Dracula’s Home. Bran Castle is Romania’s most important tourism brand and brings in 1 million tourists per year. Without exaggeration Bran Castle is the most loved and the most sought-after corner of the Carpathian Garden (Transylvania Region).

Inconsistent branding Dracula Castle

A black ball: brand inconsistency   

The whole branding process also had a special situation because many verbal and visual components already existed, Bran Castle already enjoying a high degree of notoriety and visibility.

The reputation of the Dracula was the main element in the implementation of the Bran Castle brand strategy, which contributes mainly to the tourism promotion in Romania. The Dracula concept has been visually translated in many ways and is the basis of industry and global product markets whose value cannot be estimated. The great difficulty in finding out “how much does the Dracula brand costs?” This is due to the fact that “Dracula” is not administered and is not in the “garden” of a global brand manager.

The first result of the external audit showed us that the main element “Dracula” was translated and interpreted visually through a variety of fonts and logos, whether in newspapers, book covers or posters.

Actors Who Portrayed Vampires

Conte Dracula, many faces and many names  

Dracula is a tempting character. When you say the words “vampire” or “werewolf” seems impossible not to think of Bram Stoker, Transylvania and Vlad Țepeș! Conte Dracula is beyond temporality and its origins are a mystery. It has so many faces and so many names.

This tourist product “Bran Castle” was and is still deeply promoted by the cinematic industry, without this global promotion offered “free” through film and literature, we would not have come to discuss this tourism brand at all.

The story of the Irish Bram Stoker has generated the curiosity of many producers, writers, and directors. According to the IMDB.com website, it appears that there are 223 films with the famous vampire Dracula and over 650 films referring to his person. Dracula is the character who made the most movies in history, followed by UK detective Sherlock Holmes.

Brand Castle Logo Concept
Vlad Tepes | Vlad the Impaler
Brand Slogan for Dracula Castle
Coffin Business Card Design
Envelope design for Bran Castle
CD Cover Design for Bran Castle

The story is the basis of a healthy branding

Almost everything we know about Dracula and his castle is just speculations, stories, myths, and legends. From the perspective of branding, story, fiction or truth, it matters because it successfully manages to offer tourists their needs for mystery and fantasy. This “seductive” story has the power to transform “Bran Castle” into a source of successfully business and image impact.

An important task was the creation of promotional and commercial materials for tourists who walk in the 3 restored museums: Rotonda, Count, and Regina but also the “Queen Mary” Tea House Restaurant.

Bran Castle Illustration Poster
Bran Castle Illustration Poster
Bran Castle Illustration Poster
Bran Castle Illustration Poster
icons for botton pins
Bran Castle ticket design
Bran Castle shopping bag
Brand Castle T-shirt Design
Brand Castle T-shirt Design
Brand Castle T-shirt Design
Brand Castle T-shirt Design
Brand Castle T-shirt Design
Bran Castle wine poster magazine
Logo Bran Castle Stamp
Brand Castle -Brand Manual
Brand Castle -Brand Manual
Brand Castle -Brand Manual
Vampire's drink | Juice Blood
Bran Castle T-shirt Design
Brand Castle Expo NTU
Vlad Dracula Vampire Poster
Bran Castle Bus Stop advertisign campaign
Horia Oane giving a presentation at NTU
The twin brothers Costin si Horia Oane

Some thoughts for the future

We will begin by thanking the Archduke Dominic of Habsburg, the rightful owner and beneficiary of Bran Castle in Brasov County for the entire BroHouse team. We look back and we are proud of what came out.

We hope that one day we will visit “Dracula’s country”. Maybe we can ignore the promotion of the Carpathian Mountains as a tourism brand when we have Dracula, an international brand that comes with a global marketing gift.

As Switzerland is the country of chocolate, and England is the country of the royal family, we hope that this Bran castle will continue to be promoted to tourists as a land of night, mystery, grotesque beauty and fantasy, where good overcomes evil.

BroHouse together with Dominic von Habsburg

Long-term results and other certainties:

  1. Bran Castle was visited in 2017 by almost 800,000 tourists, with an increase of 27% (Source ro)
  2. The rebranding of the Castle Brand opened 3 new tourist points: “Conte”, “Queen” and “Rotonda”

  • "Costin and Horia are playing nowadays, in an intelligent manner, with the signs, the shapes, the shades and words that are randomly spinning through the world. They arrange them, mix them, cut them, stick them together, they paint them to invest them with meaning and messages. It’s their given destiny, a path sometimes followed willingly and other times out of necessity, but always with great enthusiasm".