The Cosmopolit branding project began in 2014 and is probably one of the most beautiful residential projects you can find in Brasov. With a passion out of the ordinary, the team led by the young Tamaș Elekes, CEO of Cosmopolit Group, managed to offer a truly premium alternative to customers. For nearly 2 years, the BroHouse team has developed a rebranding strategy that aligns with new goals and requirements.     

Cosmopolit Residence Logo Design

Everything about you is told by your house

When you buy a Cosmopolit apartment, you buy the potential for progress. The walls are not just walls, they are among the first-class in the whole city, and the design is not just a word but is a kind of sense of relaxation you get when you get home. 

Cosmopolit Residence Brochure Design

Rebranding in real estate, a different challenge

Ever since the first meeting with Mr. Tamaș Elekes, I understood the ambition of this residential project: taking care of details, from the entrance to the last corner of the balcony. At the end of the briefs, discussions and brand audit, in order to differentiate the Cosmopolit real estate group in relation to the competition and to win the premium audience segment, we elaborate a rebranding strategy system that aligns with the new goals and requirements of future customers.

Cosmopolit Residence Envelope Design
Cosmopolit Residence Stationary Design

The new identity for “Cosmopolit”

The new brand identity “Cosmopolit” reveals the personal and unique relationship with the clients, a promise which is kept by Cosmopolit every day! It is a modern logo made by a simple implementation but in order to achieve this goal we had to understand the essence of the Cosmopolit project, in order to remove the excess parts. 

Cosmopolit Residence Stationary Design
Cosmopolit Residence Mug Design
Cosmopolit Residence Notebook Cover Design

New brand communication platform “You’re Home”

The apartment we live in says a lot about how we live. People are identifying with their homes. This is the fundamental essence of the Cosmopolit project and for this reason, we have launched the communication platform built on the message “You’re home”.

Living comfortably doesn’t mean just soft and soft or cozy pillows. Positioning the brand “You’re home” transforms your place into a place where you allow yourself to be. Your house is a space that allows you to develop, an atmosphere that inspires you every time, and the place where you rest your senses after a long day at work.

New positioning aims to change the way that people live and buy an apartment. The brand platform “You’re home” is a manifest that refuses to look at the houses like “walls with windows” designed without any aesthetic sense and comfort.

Cosmopolit Residence Wall Calendar Design

Brand architecture: simple, pragmatic, elegant and functional

The entire brand architecture reflects the modern language of the modern world. Each graphic element acts as a powerful one connected with the rest of the verbal or figurative elements that build the Cosmopolitan image. 

A “warm welcome” is an essential part of any domestic culture. For this purpose, we have prepared a series of materials: the Cosmopolit brochure, the RLV plans for any type of apartment, rollups, and informational flyers. 

Life is easier with a responsive website    

We offered a new interface to the website, which has become more practical and easier to use. All the residential projects but also the galleries of apartments are available on the website which was designed with the user in the center of the whole process. The rest is IT.

Cosmopolit Residence Website Desktop
Cosmopolit Residence Apartment plan Design
Cosmopolit Residence Webdesign Home Page
Cosmopolit Residence Logo Branch Exterior
Cosmopolit Residence Logo Branch Exterior
Cosmopolit Residence block of flats
Cosmopolit Residence Elevator Design
Cosmopolit Residence Flyer Design

The prize “Architectural Identity and Design”

After 2 years since the Cosmopolit rebranding, doubled by a lot of work, courage, money, and consistency, the entire Cosmopolit team receives the “Special Prize for architectural identity and design”, being the fastest rising brand in the premium residential segment.

It is a great joy for the BroHouse team to be a part of the whole realization.

Cosmopolit Residence castigatori

Digital Campaign: Smart Investments for Successful Individuals

This campaign excels in its strong relevance, effortlessly resonating with people who possess high demands and lofty standards. We have crafted a message that speaks directly and personally to this exclusive audience, capturing their attention and forging an authentic connection. The meticulously selected and elegant setting perfectly complements the image of accomplished individuals who comprehend the significance of long-term strategy, extending beyond present success to ensure their future comfort. We have developed a solution that harmoniously aligns with Cosmopolit’s brand values of “Timeless. Exclusive. Iconic.” This digital campaign further solidifies the brand’s positioning as the epitome of a premium lifestyle.

Cosmopolit real estate social campaign
Cosmopolit real estate digital campaign

Long-term results and other certainties:

  1. Cosmopolit, the winner of the Prize for “Architectural Identity and Design”, within the Real Estate Awards Gala 2018!  
  2. The new brand identity is modern and reconfirms to the business the local leader status, in the residence category.
  3. Identifying the positioning and express it visually.