5 Identity Problems faced by a Start-up Business

Horia talks in an entire article for “PR Romania” about some of the most known identity problems faced by a start-up business. For about 3 years of BroHouse, we have been working mostly with start-up business, because at this early stage they need more than anyone a great visual identity for their launch.

The combination of new business idea with a strong visual identity has become a “must-have”, very well understood, especially by the young generation of entrepreneurs. From all the types of business, start-ups have the greatest need for communication, but their lack of experience determined them to have a wrong and confuse dialogue between their business and audience.

I’m sure there are more other identities problems faced by business owners to bust and we’ll try to find some more to tell you, maybe in fallow-up article. Meanwhile I invite you to read the full article and feel free to leavea comment below with your questions or suggestions.  Unfortunately, the whole article is written in Romanian.


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