Turabo was founded with a simple aim: to spread positive vibes, a world filled with optimism, that is the world that we have imagined. Life can be challenging and full of setbacks and we are constantly surrounded by negativity and voices that stop us from pursuing our dream. But we at Turabo believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. They understood how important it is to believe in yourself and to follow your dreams. Therefore, they believe that they can make a difference. They can be that voice that inspires people to do what they love.

logo Turabo Coffee

A mark ready to inspire you

Whilst aiming to fix issues of visibility, modernization, and consistency along all brand manifestations, the rebranding set out to better signalize the new stage and status of the Turabo brand. There was only one possible way of doing this: by reinventing the brand and going back to basics. An inviting story that would once again enable restoring that connection with so many customers.

The new brand is rooted in its past and is inspired by its future.

logo Turabo redesign

Slightly different but looking forward

The redesign process aimed to capitalize on the familiarity of the customers with the current brand elements, namely the brand name, the chromatic palette, and the logo structure, but also to permeate them with the new brand promise and enliven them up to the rhythm of the modern customer.

The new logo “Turabo” aims to bring new emotions to customers. The buyer should be involved not only in the purchase process but also in the process of unpacking the product. The new brand identity captures the essence of the previous brand “Turabo” and appeals to an audience on a global level.

The main challenge was to preserve the brand equity accumulated by the old symbol and other brand property elements — while introducing a new spirit of dynamism and increasing brand visibility. The new logo retains the elements that have become familiar and been ingrained in our audience’s mind. The typography system was overhauled, able to inspire and sustain order, especially when constructing large identity systems intended to work in demanding environments.

Coffee Capsule and Packaging design

Better me, a better you

Great coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience, and one with the power to make your mornings, and your days, even better. For over a decade, Turabo learned to love coffee as a source of inspiration and a way to connect with colleagues and the people we love.

Their commitment continues with the best attitude, all the care, and looking forward to getting ahead because they want and need a better world. Turabo is always about the people. Their purpose is not to build a business around coffee; it’s to transform our friends’ taste buds with decadent flavors, both surprising and timeless. If just one of their friends is motivated or inspires them enough to follow their dreams, then they see their work as a success!

Turabo coffee packaging design

Telling a story through illustration

An original story that narrates the everyday power of coffee is depicted on the packaging of Turabo coffee capsules. The illustrations are showcasing that combining moments from ordinary life with a cup of your favorite coffee can be a special and unique experience, while the “specific color” is illuminating the optimism that exudes from every single capsule.

We managed to create a simple, clean, and easy design in order consumers to understand the package, which stands out in comparison to the rest of the category products through elegance. The typography system was overhauled, able to inspire and sustain order, especially when constructing large identity systems intended to work in demanding environments.

Turabo Coffee Private Label Coffee

Flexible master packaging

In order to achieve this goal successfully, we have developed a sufficiently generous graphic concept that can support the entire product portfolio for the 15 ranges of coffees. The packaging design of each label remains in the “master packaging” solution, although each label retains individual elements specific to each product, without altering the degree of recognition and familiarity of the Turabo brand.

Turabo Coffee graphic design packaging

Brand Slogan: “Liquid Optimism”

  1. A simple concept, easy to adapt to various communication needs, it can apply to everything our brand touches, from website copy, packaging, social media posts, and blogs.
  2. The new communication platform encapsulates a high dose of linguistic wit. 3. The messages were built to talk their own language, focusing on beliefs not intentions (these beliefs convey the brand essence and they create acceptance)

2021 has been a lot of things, and one of them is that it has been a rollercoaster. Regardless, you made it! You made it through the year and you should be proud of yourself, the way we are proud of you. The world is vast and people are kinder than you may think. Don’t forget that you’re never truly alone and that there’s a comfort to be found in others, even when you’re at your lowest. With social media, we as humans feel the need to always update. It’s okay to move in silence, you’re doing it for yourself!

As long as you’re happy, do it. Your happiness matters the most.There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. It gives us an idea of what we want to achieve. Work towards it & make those dreams come true!

Turabo shopping paper bag

Our red is iconic

Our core palette comprises red, black, and white. The inseparable combination of black and red is used predominately in any form of marketing & stationery.

  • Red Colour: Our red is iconic. It’s our most identifiable asset, from the color of our aprons to our logo. Red is used sparingly, accenting the simple, confident palette.
  • Black Colour: We are a dark, premium brand that uses color in a contemporary, sophisticated way. The ultimate black color is a celebration of coffee, evoking a sense of a confident company, which values its customers and the quality of its products.
  • White Colour: A foundational piece of our brand and logo. Use as needed for type, backgrounds, and more. The white colour brings freshness and balance to the logo.
Turabo print collateral
Turabo business card design

Brand Message

People tend to feel overwhelmed by the decision-making process. Being in a good mood is essential to analyzing and choosing between alternatives, in any aspect of life: love life, family, work & friendships. You won’t get far if you are cranky or blue all the time. We all have our fair share of bad days but maintaining a positive mindset gives us clarity and enthusiasm.

The informal language adds a sense of accessibility, and the smugness breaks down barriers Repetition builds trust & increases awareness.

Turabo brand messages

Welcome to the Turabo Brand Guidelines

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the brand “Turabo”, as well as how to use it. Turabo’s packaging is your most visible brand asset. It needed to be presented consistently and coherently. The packaging guidelines were created to ensure that all graphical representations of the brand were executed correctly, efficiently, and, most importantly, easily.

The result was a series of design principles that would underline the entire suite of products.

Turabo brand guidelines