Under the Solaris brand, a diverse range of products including raw food, cereals, spices, and natural remedies are offered. The new rebranding effort is aimed at repositioning the “Solaris” brand from a functional to an emotional territory, while also providing a clearer portfolio architecture. The new master packaging unifies all categories into a cohesive brand, while also allowing the products in the Solaris portfolio to stand out from one another.

Solaris Rebranding

Conserving the spirit and personality of the Solaris brand

In this rebranding initiative, our aim was to maintain the unique character and identity of the Solaris brand, while also ensuring that the emotional bond with Solaris consumers remained intact. The new Solaris logo also incorporates Yellow in a refreshed and modern way, further reinforcing the brand’s visual identity. By maintaining this core element of the brand, we are able to build upon the existing recognition and reputation of Solaris while also infusing it with new life and vitality.

Before Solaris packaging design

As the Solaris product portfolio expanded, the old master packaging solution gradually became inadequate to support such a large number of products. It became increasingly challenging to differentiate the various Solaris products, resulting in weaker product impact on the shelves. Additionally, the new branding effort aimed to preserve the unique personality and spirit of the Solaris brand while forging stronger emotional connections with consumers. Overall, the rebranding initiative sought to unify the Solaris portfolio and provide a clear and consistent brand architecture.

Solaris packaging design flour corn

Yellow: the powerhouse color of Solaris

The color Yellow has been preserved throughout the entire Solaris brand architecture in the rebranding process, as it is the most prominent and recognizable brand identifier. The color Yellow represents positivity, energy, and brightness, which aligns well with the Solaris brand’s mission of promoting healthy living and vitality. Moreover, it helps to create a consistent and cohesive brand identity, making it easier for customers to recognize and connect with the Solaris products. Overall, the use of Yellow in the Solaris brand is a deliberate and strategic choice that helps to communicate the brand’s values, personality, and vision.

Solaris packaging design

Taste takes center stage

The main focus of the new packaging solutions is to emphasize the taste of the product. Our research has revealed that consumers often perceive healthy products as less flavorful. To counteract this perception, the new packaging design incorporates appetizing images of the product along with real ingredients and serving suggestions to convey a delicious and appetizing taste experience.

This approach not only highlights the taste aspect of the products but also encourages consumers to experiment with different ways of serving and consuming them. By providing serving suggestions and showcasing real ingredients, the packaging aims to educate and inspire customers to explore new flavors and expand their culinary horizons. Overall, the new Solaris packaging solutions aim to provide a holistic and enjoyable customer experience, from the moment of purchase to consumption.

Solaris packaging design Oilseeds and dried fruits
Solaris packaging design essential oils
Solaris packaging design cereal muesli
Solaris packaging design buckwheat
Solaris packaging design cashew almonds
Solaris packaging design cookies
Solaris packaging design corn flakes
Solaris packaging design concept