SanoVita – Puffed grain cakes | Packaging design

Puffed grain cakes are a healthy bread option, they have all the nutritional qualities of whole grains (wheat, rice), being a snack suitable for any time of day (both at main meals and as a snack, on the go). The task for the BroHouse team was to improve the puffed grain cakes packaging, to be active in the current competitive context, and to expand the design for the Mini-Puffed grain cakes range extension. 

Puffed rice & wheat cakes

Healthier choices are not an accident. However, it’s packaging design. 

With a history of over 25 years, SanoVita has undertaken its mission to educate consumers on healthy nutrition and thus contribute to their well-being.

For a portfolio of 11 products, visual consistency leads consumers to immediate brand and product recognition. When a properly positioned brand identity, graphic architecture, color, imagery, structure, and communication hierarchy are part of a cohesive system, the packaging is maximised at retail and it enhances the customer experience with the brand SanoVita.  

Puffed rice & wheat cakes

It’s so important to get things right from the beginning

Each pack features an individual story and relating to its flavour, alongside copy detailing serving suggestions. The new look aims to skip the traditional view of puffed cakes as a dull and restrictive option to embrace an attitude that celebrates enjoying food and feeling free to eat what you want.

We wanted to take the puffed cakes beyond functionality and inspire consumers to believe that they can have their cake. We feel the new designs will appeal to a wide range of consumers and create a renewed sense of engagement with the SanoVita brand, which is unusual in such pragmatic categories.

Good packaging makes food taste better

This simplicity and clarity of message inspired us to build the overall packaging architecture around it. Large areas of white space have been utilised to give a clean, fresh feel and ensure maximum stand out on the store shelves. A strong product colour identification system has been introduced to help with consumer navigation and striking food photography adds those all-important appetite cues: rich and appetising taste.

Flavours in the range include Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberries, Yogurt, White cream and the salt varieties in Chia & Salt. The new branding is rolling out from now. 

Puffed rice & wheat cakes
Puffed rice & wheat cakes