Atelierul de Tuns

Atelierul de Tuns” embarked on its rebranding journey in 2013 when it first opened its doors as a modest venture under the leadership of Valentin Niculescu, a graduate in economics. With an initial investment of 5,000 EUR, this salon has undergone a remarkable transformation, achieving an annual turnover of 40,000 euros, as evident in the 2014 financial statement. Operated by the dedicated BroHouse team, this establishment commenced its operations in a compact space within the “Gradina Icoanei” area, initially employing just two individuals. Setting itself apart with a novel approach, the salon specialized exclusively in men’s grooming while upholding a steadfast commitment to delivering unwavering service quality. 

Barber Shop logo design

You feel like a real gentleman

BroHouse, the design and branding studio has built the brand solution for the “Atelierul de Tuns”, more precisely the profile of a diplomat with a hat, which refers to the classic masculine spirit of the past. The same cliché is promoted among the profile salons: “We know how to trim”, but BroHouse removed this easy positioning and built a kind of “attitude and rules” that make the man a real gentleman. The simple visibility of the logo has come to symbolize style, experience, and elegance.

Both the logo and the collateral materials created keep the same strong masculine feeling that is felt in the atmosphere of each “Atelierul de Tuns” in Bucharest. In this way, the brand “Atelierul de Tuns” has 4 important values: openness, empathy, collaboration, and honesty. Long-term results and other certainties.

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Barber shop outdoor campaign
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barber shop men haircut

Long-term results and other certainties

1. An identity that ensures impact and relevance in a new category: barbershop for men’s only.
2. Clarifies how to do things: passion and care for the customer.

  • "Collaboration with BroHouse was very good. They are creative, professional and they meet deadlines every time. Communicating our needs effectively, it’s definitely one of their major advantages”