Liviu Păsat

Liviu Păsat, an experienced entrepreneur, trainer, and speaker, boasts over a decade of expertise in personal branding. His track record includes engaging with over 25,000 participants in personal financial education events. Liviu Păsat’s journey also includes six appearances at the UPW seminar, led by the renowned Tony Robbins. His worksheets and programs have been rigorously tested by program participants for many years, consistently delivering exceptional results.

The collaboration between Liviu Păsat and BroHouse was driven by a shared aspiration for more: the creation of a powerful personal branding strategy, coupled with effective communication, and the authorship of a book poised to make a significant impact.”

Liviu Pasat Personal Logo

Liviu Păsat, a top trainer

Liviu Păsat is an author, entrepreneur, and speaker, who is extremely passionate about personal development, trying to help people making money. Liviu Păsat is like a “GPS” that makes you aware of the situation you are in, but it also causes you to want more of yourself. The lack of financial education, professional failures, new failures, and ignorance cause irritation and many disappointments. Liviu is the person who traveled in this “story”, not as easy, also aware that he can change something for himself and others. On the other hand, he understood to adapt to the new habits and transformations in the current society in which we are all involved. He also found solutions for this topic. All the results have been collected in a book “Habits that make every penny counts“, an easy to use guide that “opens your eyes”.

Liviu Pasat Business Cards Design
Liviu Pasat Stationary Design

Personal Branding

Liviu needed to work on his brand more and more. The training industry is very crowded, so BroHouse team put his shoulder on the drafting of a personal logo, as well as a photo shoot through an effort of strategic and constant communication, which will help him to increase his visibility in its own field of activity that will be part of.

The logo construction is based on a personalized and recognizable font. The font has the power to reinforce the brand name “Liviu Pasat” and can operate on all communications media and promotional materials.

For this he needed two more things: a website and collateral materials. At the end of the collaboration, Liviu was so pleased that he said: “it worth all the money”

Liviu Pasat Header and Footer Design
Liviu Pasat Stationary Envelope Design
Liviu Pasat author of the book

Habits that make every penny counts”- a book about the world of those presents

This book worth it. It is an “essential” line of work that helps you control your money and promotes a “common dream”: the road to prosperity and happiness. An entrepreneur like Liviu Pasat knew that the success of this book needed writing and a copywriting that would provide an exceptional visual impact. The cover of the work built by the BroHouse team express a very suggestive message related to the title of the paper: the morning “pleasure” not from a cup of coffee, but the amount of money that motivates us to start every working day, either as an entrepreneur or only an employee.

Liviu Pasat author of the book
Liviu Pasat Roll Up Design
Liviu Pasat Facebook Design
Liviu Pasat personal Website
Liviu Pasat personal Website
Liviu Pasat personal Website
Liviu Pasat mobile website
Liviu Pasat photo shooting

Long-term results and other certainties

  • Writing books increased business visibility.
  • The branding led to a clearer positioning of Liviu Pasat services.

  • “My meeting with BroHouse came after several unsuccessful attempts to find someone (for a moment I thought I needed a designer) to understand who I want to become, what to do and what to say. From the very beginning, seeing the way they approached the project, I realized that BroHouse is exactly what I needed. I can only say that I am very pleased what I have received from BroHouse, I am gonna recommend it to everyone I know.“