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At Crida Pharm, we have created a private label pet supplements brand with the mission to simplify pet wellness. Our objective was to design packaging that is lively and enjoyable, without being too clinical or boring, while still exuding a professional and reliable vibe. We are thrilled to announce that Crida Pharm’s packaging design solution has been honored with a prestigious Bronze Award at the 2022 Pentawards.

Crida Pharm pets packaging

The challenges facing the pet care market 

In a highly competitive category like pet care, standing out and capturing consumers’ attention is crucial. Our goal was to create a packaging design that would showcase a unique and fresh personality, disrupting the category norms. Crida Pharm competes with a multitude of brands and producers, some of which have a well-established presence in the market. With around 20 SKU’s in different wellness categories, our brand needed to be visually attractive and easy to navigate to capture the target audience’s attention.

Crida Pharm packaging pet supplements

Elevating the packaging design experience 

Our goal was to make shopping for and consuming pet supplements an effortless experience. With a highly competitive market, it was imperative for Crida Pharm to stand out and display a distinct and fresh personality. We aimed to deliver a differentiated brand experience that would elevate Crida Pharm over the cold, corporate and value-driven face of the competition. We wanted to remind consumers why they, and their pets, love Crida Pharm.

Our vision extended beyond aesthetics; we aimed to create a bond between the brand and its audience that transcended the transactional relationship. We believed that a compelling brand experience should leave an enduring impression, one that lingers in the hearts of consumers

Crida Pharm cat dog packaging supplements

Heroing the pets we love so much 

Crida Pharm values the special bond between pets and their owners and recognizes the importance of individual personalities and unique characters. To reflect this, we developed a packaging solution that celebrates pets and places them at the heart of the brand. Our design feels vibrant, fun, and professional, while avoiding a clinical or dull appearance.

To help consumers navigate the crowded market of pet supplements, we created a distinctive color system that stands out on shelves. The goal is to transform the Crida Pharm brand into a living, breathing, moving, and tail-wagging experience that is both memorable and trustworthy.

Currently, the brand is launching in Romanian pharmacies and we are excited to see the positive response from pet owners.

Crida Pharm pet packaging

The new range had to stand out as something different while fitting with the Crida Pharm master brand. Each product is wrapped in color with an illustration, which not only gives consumers the ability to easily identify the brand through its minimalist aesthetic but also provides an elegant and impactful system that celebrates individual products while working together beautifully as a family. The redesign as a whole helped bring the new brand architecture to life and provided a perfect platform for new products.

Crida Pharm pet packaging

Bronze Trophy – Pentawards | International design awards

Time to celebrate! Our solution has won a bronze award at the PENTAWARDS 2022. Since 2007, the Pentawards have been recognized as the most globally prestigious award for packaging design! After receiving over 2000 entries across 60 countries, we have been winners in the Food Trends category.

We are very happy and truly honored about getting such great recognition. It is indeed a huge encouragement for us to continue surpassing ours and our clients’ expectations.

We would also like to say a massive thank you to Crida Pharm for all of their incredible support and courage

Note: In 2020, the BroHouse branding agency was honored with its first Pentawards prize in London for the Vegie Life project by SanoVita

Bronze Pentawards BroHouse