With pride, we have worked on developing a strong name, Barko, which conveys a passion for nature and innovation. We have created a distinctive visual identity that reflects the essence of the brand and its values. Additionally, we have developed a modern packaging design intended to highlight the quality and authenticity of Barko’s product portfolio. Through these elements, Barko redefines standards in the food industry, offering a premium experience to its customers.

barko logo design

A clear vision, an unforgettable naming

Short and impactful, Barko is not just a name but a vision brought to life, a symbol of dedication to excellence and sustainability, a solid pillar of the entire branding and naming process. The naming solution was not chosen randomly; for the restaurant and products under the Barko brand, this name is not just a label but a promise of quality and an authentic experience. Reflecting a business philosophy centered around respect for nature and providing healthy nutrition, Barko positions itself as a leader in sustainable aquaculture. At the heart of this name lies the commitment to provide fresh and high-quality products in a manner that respects the environment and ensures an exceptional culinary experience for customers.

barko illustration pattern

Fishing for visual identity: the significance of the Barko logo

At the heart of the logo lies the letter B, the initial of the word Barko, and the two loops that form the body of the letter intersect in a creative manner, outlining the silhouette of a fish. This element not only adds a distinctive touch but also clearly conveys the message about the origin and essence of the Barko brand, emphasizing the commitment to aquaculture and nature. In contrast to the traditional and mundane vision dominating the category, our logo solution conveys a bold and captivating attitude, capable of significantly differentiating itself from the competition. Accompanied by a well-defined visual territory, the coherence of this aspect is essential to guide consumers towards the immediate recognition of the Barko brand. The logo design allows for a subtle articulation of the philosophy upon which the Barko brand is based.

barko packaging design | sturgeon

Natural products, packaging design in natural colors

We have developed a meticulous master packaging strategy to provide a clear and coherent portfolio architecture for the Barko brand. The packaging process involved a careful review of each product in the portfolio to understand how to highlight their individual features and benefits. Through the new design directions, we have managed to strengthen the Barko brand identity and create a master packaging that unifies all product categories under one strong brand.

The color green was chosen to be present throughout the Barko brand architecture as it represents the strongest brand signaler. This decision was made following a rigorous process of analyzing customer feedback, industry trends, and market research. We believed that choosing this color would contribute to maintaining a high level of brand recognition and strengthen customer loyalty to Barko products.

barko packaging design | trout

Packaging design in the colors of nature and waterline

The illustration family is an authentic representation of the aquatic world, incorporating a linear design with a continuous pattern of green and white waves in a vector illustration. The packaging design of each package maintains the integrity of the master packaging solution, ensuring visual coherence across the Barko portfolio. However, each design retains its elements of individuality, adapted to the specifications of each product, without compromising the brand’s level of recognition and familiarity. This approach ensures a consistent and enjoyable experience for consumers, highlighting our commitment to quality in every detail of our products.

Barko fish hooks packaging design

The BroHouse team has been dedicated to developing a packaging design that is simple yet impactful, emphasizing the quality and authenticity of the products. The colors and graphic elements are harmonized with the brand’s identity, conveying the message about the quality of Barko products.

barko fish roe packaging design
barko paper bag design
barko notebook design