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Liviu Păsat is an entrepreneur with over 8 years experience, trainer and speaker. He has more than 25,000 participants at his events on personal finances education. With over 20 years of experience in personal development, Liviu Păsat has 5 participations in the seminar UPW held by great Tony Robbins. His workshops and programs have been tested for years on hundreds of program participants with consistently remarkable results.

With our help, Liviu Păsat launched his first book “Obiceiuri care fac toți banii”. Book launch was a tremendous success and it can be seen in most of the libraries. Personal Branding is all about knowing where you want your brand to go, who you exactly want to attract, and the design created for Liviu Pasat just made that happen. Personal branding is no longer an option. It’s a powerful leadership enabler.


  • “My meeting with BroHouse came after several unsuccessful attempts to find someone (for a moment I thought I needed a designer) to understand who I want to become, what to do and what to say. From the very beginning, seeing the way they approached the project, I realized that BroHouse is exactly what I needed. I can only say that I am very pleased what I have received from BroHouse, I am gonna recommend it to everyone I know.“