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it’s yours” is a leading online fashion retailer in Romania and part of Tiva Fashion, which was founded in 1995 by the Vulcan family, the owner of “Master Shoes” stores in Cluj. Pushing the online presence of “Master Shoes” would have made further growth difficult, so a brand refresh was deemed necessary in 2021. 

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The Change Before The Change – Behind The Scenes

it’s yours” is one of the major fashion retail brands, offering well priced clothing, footwear and accessories for women and kids, with stores throughout the region. Owned by Tiva Fashion, which was founded in 1995 by the Vulcan family, the offline brand “Master Shoes” required a refresh to reflect the changing fast fashion landscape. An expanded brand architecture was also required to span product packaging, retail environments, sale promotions and digital.

The brand audit helped us pick the 3 main conclusions:

  1. There was no assumed positioning (as a strategic business direction).
  2. In addition, the retailer had various problems relating the establishment in the market
  3. We identified a requirement for a positioning in knowledge (professional authority).
Logo desing It's Yours - online fashion store

To Rebrand Or Not To Rebrand

Initially, the online fashion retail was called “Master Shoes” but the market research proved that a new name was needed. The new name “it’s yours” is building a sense of belonging among its users and saw itself more as a community than a fashion retailer. We developed a brand name narrative that offers the consumer more than just a product, but rather an experience that transcends mundane reality. It is never an easy task fit a new narrative that respects the existing story and also paves the way for a new, evolved version.

If you know the change is right, just ignore the noise. 

Y symbol - it's yours

You’re just not going to fail with the old black and white logo!

Having analyzed the target audience and having done the market research, the process of visual branding creation started with the logo design. The important factor to consider was the high readability of the logo as it was aimed at using on various platforms, devices, quite often on the go, so it had to be legible at once.

The wordmark “it’s yours” was wrapped in a rounded sans-serif typeface that feels a lot more friendly. We featured all in lowercase letters to set the friendly tone of communication with a client instantly. The success of the identity comes not from the logo alone, but from the application of the brand across multiple brand touchpoints.

Y symbol - it's yours

A mark ready to inspire you

The mono-chromatic logo is complemented by an unlimited colour palette, allowing the brand to use any colour it needs to promote its unlimited offering. The option to fill the “y” letter with various thematic graphic elements offers an additional layer meant to get more attention and a stronger connection with the audience. This new approach to logo technology as a “window” offers a strong visual texture and effect, establishing consistent visual language in print & online or outdoor applications.

social media campaign

Media Kit Template

Over time, the customers will see the consistency in posts and begin to recognize when a post is from “it’s yours” without seeing the logo.  A style guide for social media ensures the brand to be consistent in a way that supports the brand image and goals. The general brand feeling is light, soft, clean, and ultra-sleek, which carries into their clothing. This type of brand recognition is the ultimate goal for our social media branding efforts.

With the pandemic pushing internet usage, building an online presence is by no means something that happens overnight, but rather it’s a long play game.

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Brand Guidelines – Don’t Use Me!

Brand guideline manual explains how “it’s yours” brand should be presented in public and how people should come into contact with it. The manual is long and split into different sections and includes stationery, offline retail presence guidelines, logo guidelines, co-branding do’s and don’ts, and also we  developed a whole set of communication templates.

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