Ground Zero | Redesign label

Pack Romania Magazine in partnership with Ground Zero organized at the beginning of October 2018 a contest of creation and production of packaging “Think about the Box”. After a thorough evaluation of the projects entered in the competition, the jury composed of Mihnea Gildush (Designer), Dragos Motica (Called Ubikubi), Laura Abrihan (Peggy Production) and Sebastian Bucur (Ground Zero Beer) selected the works of those who entered the final stage. BroHouse’s design and branding studio took part in this challenge and on October 28, at an organized gala, we were named the winners of the Think about the Box competition . We shared this award with Romprix and Total CMYK.

Ground zero label design craft beer

Ground Zero, a brand that has won a lot of hearts

Ground Zero is an independent studio beer that shelf with a large portfolio of craft beers. It is “stubborn” to deliver the highest quality beer with many varieties of tastes and flavours. Every beer produced is 100% natural, and the taste of each bottle of beer sends you on a “tasteful adventure”.

Goals of  the redesign

“Ground Zero” did not want to receive graphics solution completely different from the current solution. The visual direction and personality of the current label had to remain in the inscribed solution and “prove” that it can be continued throughout the product portfolio. In other words, Ground Zero seeking a strategic shift brand image, complicated to disrupt the existing consumer preferences and loyalty. Probably the most difficult aspect of the project, which is the main success factor of this design direction, is the ability to bring together all the beer sub-categories under a unitary concept. In this way, we ensured that the “Ground Zero” brand remain faithful towards the strategic direction which was consecrated in its own category and retains its recognition for consumers.

Ground zero morning glory beer label design
Ground zero easy rider beer label design
Ground zero imperial fuck beer label design
Ground zero 4 pack design bottle beer

To beer, or not to beer

The graphic concept of the beer is associated with the independent and creative spirit including the story of Ground Zero beer, Alin Matache, a professional poker player who invested all the money earned in the company. In a highly competitive market, like beer products, the Ground Zero brand needed to tell its story through its own label, well-defined and close to its core values. BroHouse tried to maintain the brand’s spirit and personality and not break the emotional ties with the loyal consumer. Shortly, the graphic style of the current label from the funny character that “self-detonates”, the style of the fonts to the colour palette, has “polished” better. In this way, we managed to maintain the product values and honesty, without fooling the consumer with a new label and “wow”. BroHouse knows very well that design is a creative personalization process that is driven by purpose, planning, and intent.

Shortly, the team tried an update BroHouse line design, simple, contemporary and consistent that encouraged its own consumers to choose products from different categories, but inside of the same brand.

Ground zero morning glory beer label
Ground Zero Costin Oane Pack Romania winner

Long-term results and other certainties:

1. Create a unitary image for all the categories in which it activates. Unifying and “refreshing” the design of the brand, by differentiating the look and feel of the products in the subcategories

2. Increase the image of the Ground Zero brand.

3. The flexibility of the master packaging allows the continuation and expansion of the Ground Zero portfolio with new beer types.