Go Veggie

Go Veggie is an online store with healthy and tasty products. More exactly, it is a platform where you can easily order fruits, bio and cosmetic products, carefully selected for a group of people with a balanced lifestyle, responsible for the environment, but also for animal lovers.

Go Veggie Logo Design
Go Veggie icons of fruits and vegetables

The road from nature to a basket with a simple click

The consumer is always in a continuous rushing. Even you certainly already know that. The road from nature to your basket of natural products now it happens by simply clicking on the GoVeggie website.

GoVeggie aims to provide a different lifestyle. We live in a consumerist culture, where supermarkets are full of “temptations” on all shelves, and Romanians find it increasingly difficult to choose the best products. Unfortunately, the Romanian consumer is not yet familiarized with the skills of a fair and balanced diet from natural products to sports.

That’s why GoVeggie and Irina Oprica offer a portfolio of high-quality products that can be used to prepare simple and easy preparations.

Go veggie logo animation
Go Veggie dynamic and fluid logo
Go Veggie dynamic and fluid logo

Healthy and Tasty – the main communication channel of the brand

The main message that has “dressed up” the entire solution proposed by BroHouse is the permanent wishes to change a mentality that makes our life sicker. This message is honest also from the bottom of our heart, transposed on a welcoming website.

We thank Irina Oprica for her courage and confidence in allowing us to build GoVeggie identity, in a dynamic logic that manages to absorb a lot of messages, offering a whole visual language. Every season has its own “taste”, so BroHouse has created each flexible logo without moving away from the main one. We insert the whole story in colorful and natural fruits and vegetables, establishing a loyal relationship with passionate consumers of health. The graphic solution has managed to get more and more attention and connection with the audience, providing a powerful visual effect.

It also creates a graphic system consistent in printing and online. The logo is the same as all of us: “it is always changing, but do not forget the authentic taste”. The new brand has built credibility and trust also has given control over how people perceived the new business.

Irina has frequently attended food fairs and exhibitions from food industry, and the generosity of the logo that can be applied contextually has given the immediate result: it has allowed people to see their best version.


Go veggie typeface grid system
Go Veggie brand color palette
Go Veggie website icons design
Go Veggie business card design Irina Oprica
Go Veggie business card design Irina Oprica
Go Veggie Shopping bag design

Are you ready for a change? We invite you to join the GoVeggie website and convince yourself that you can take the first step in a healthier and more enjoyable life. BroHouse already took the first step.

Go Veggie Facebook design

Long-term results and other certainties

  • The GoVeggie identity is created simultaneously with the personality of the audience and can always create content.
  • Construction of a set of iconic elements that produce an attachment to the GoVeggie spirit.
  • Increased recognition of the brand.
  • A clear position of the brand competitively and daringly from the category of which the trends are present.
  • Encourage the consumption of online platforms.

  • I met the brothers from BroHouse in a moment of impasse, a moment when I felt I couldn’t find contributors to understand me and people to work with! And they’ve appeared! Creative, with a different way of approach and very professionals! But mainly, I felt they care about my business! Thank you, guys!