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SanoVita expands its portfolio of “Go Bar” with a new category with functional benefits – organic, raw bars. SanoVita wants to build a relevant position in this segment by expanding its portfolio with the “Raw / Organic” range under the Go Bar umbrella through a portfolio of 3 bars: Coconut & Chia, Almonds & Cocoa Ribs, and Goji.

packaging design organic food bars Go Bar

The packaging design says what you are!

SanoVita, the company based in Vâlcea, was founded as a necessity to put vegetarian products on the Romanian market, for those who choose to be healthy. For Sanovita representatives, health is not a business, but a way of life. A simple, tasty, and healthy product: includes max 4-5 ingredients, superfoods, dried fruits, and nuts. It is an organic bar, according to vegan consumption, unprocessed (raw), without added sugar, and without gluten. Each bar is rich in super ingredients, which energize the body and mind with maximum nutrients. Simple and delicious.

packaging design organic food bars Go Bar

The ingredient is the king

From the beginning, we planned to be honest with what the packaging design says: a quality product with nothing added. To convey this one can resort to transparency (revealing product) or a realistic photo. Simple, gestural typefaces, “sketchy”, to gave a crafted look, personalised care.

Coconut and Chia packaging design | SanoVita
Almonds and Caco Ribs packaging design | SanoVita
Goji packaging design | SanoVita

Bringing together all visual solutions under a unitary concept.

In order to solve this packaging solution, it was necessary to create a concept that was generous enough to support the entire GoBar product portfolio. Although each product has received its chromatic and meaningful identity, and all products are part of the same conceptual approach, bringing together all visual solutions under a single unitary concept.

The solution created is providing information on the nature and qualities of GoBar products, continue to support the values ​​of the manufacturer Sanovita. The visual language of each solution transmits a unitary emotional appeal that allows the consumer to feel the benefits and diversity of the GoBar – SanoVita bars.

Organic food bars | SanoVita
Organic food bars | SanoVita