Go Bar – Proteic Bar | Packaging design

The domestic producer SanoVita has launched for the first time the protein bar, Go Bar, which is a healthy snack recommended for anyone an active life. It provides energy for a long time, the gap between tables and functional compounds. It is a source of dietary fiber and natural antioxidants. The product is present for the market in Germany, where there is the largest organic food market in the EU. For such a product, the challenge that SanoVita offered to us, was the creation of a label design that aroused consumer curiosity but also managed to differentiate itself in a market landscape dominated by products full of sugar and dyes.    

Go Bar logo design
Go bar protein bar animation

Baptism Name: Go Bar

The name of the brand “Go Bar” is the main communication interface between the product and future customers. The name GoBar undoubtedly stands out and makes the brand unique and different from the competing brands. Being a new product, it was extremely important that the name of the protein bar be short, vibration, recognizable and to offer a potential for communication with future customers.

The wordmark is constructed from 2 words: “Go” and “Bar”. The word “Go” is a short one, with an international understanding that transcends geography and cultural barriers. It is the verb “locomotive” which denotes the essential functional characteristics of the product: energy and active life. The second word, “Bar”, is just one adjuvant that identifies the category of which it belongs: food supplements. It has an important secondary degree in product communication.

Go Bar protein bar packaging design
Go Bar protein bar packaging design

A symbol ready for action

The creative solution is graphically dominated by the very name of the product “Go Bar”. The word “Go” is more scaled, disproportionately to the word “Bar”, in order to pay more attention. It is a word that is worth highlighting because it is the center of all values: energy, vitality, life, performance, and sport. It is the word that identifies the target audience: athletes, movement lovers, and healthy eating.

We choose a simple font without serifs, geometric, thick, yet bold font without serifs, integrated into a white rectangle, to create contrast with the rest of the elements that create the Go Bar stick label design.

The almost central logo-text placement in the packaging design represents a call for purchase, obtaining most of the attention of the graphic solution.

Go Bar protein bar packaging design

Packaging design: a window open to the product

The photo of the protein stick can be founded in the real dimensions and occupies the entire surface of the label. The placement of the product in the label design is a declaration of sincerity and transparency towards the consumer: what you see is as true as possible. The solution also shows the essential features and benefits of the GoBar brand, which is a piece of very important information for the consumer. 

Go Bar protein bar packaging design
Go Bar protein bar animation design

Long-term results and other certainties:

  1. Increased visibility on the shelf.
  2. Increased product testing for a new audience.
  3. The graphic solution flexibility allows the extension of the Go Bar brand into various sub-categories.
  4. A relevant name which reflects the position of the product in the given category.
  5. Identity and packaging design relevant for target customers.