BroHouse designed the whole frozen range of semi-finished meet products for Frigane, a producer of high-quality frozen products from Hunedoara. The brief was simple: make every product look appealing, fresh and qualitative. 

logo design Frigane

The Best Food Choice When You Don’t Have Time to Cook

The logo “Frigane” aims to bring new emotions to customer. The buyer should be involved not only in the purchase process, but also in the process of unpacking the product. The brand identity captures the essence of the brand and appeals to an audience on a global level. The nature of the logo was inspired from the feeling of the consumer making something delicious for themselves, where the chef is actually you. 

Frigane frozen nuggets

Frozen Traditional Ready Meals

The packaging of the Frigane brand combines uniqueness with affordability. Our aim was to develop the packaging that will be aligned with the product. We completely started from scratch to give Frigane a unique brand ethos, unlike anything else in the market. 

Out new brand ethos will:

  • crave new experiences
  • avoid boredom
  • seek different perspectives
  • push boundaries
  • cultivate new experiences
  • ask “why not?”
Frigane chicken breast nuggets

Scalable visual design language

For the whole frozen range we really wanted the semi-finished meet products to look generous, and give it a “what you see is what you get” feeling: the content of the packages is exactly what you see of the bag: fresh, delicios and high quality.  And quality is what all Frigane products stand for.

The unique brand with a wide range of products in multiple categories needed an equally scalable visual design language that could be adapted to different products and categories seamlessly. The packaging graphics followed a systemic approach that could be extended for an ever expanding  product range. Different category colours help the consumer identify the different kinds of products. 

Frigane nuggets & fish sticks

The packaging graphics were designed in a way that they could communicate and provide consumers with the relevant information while maintaining the tone of the brand, through a narrative portrayed with the help of the packaging. We  brought a modern aesthetic language while maintaining the appetising nature of the food product.

Frigane frozen fish sticks
Frigane plastic casserole
Logo Frigane Sign Wall

Long-term results and other certainties:

  • The flexibility of the master packaging allows the continuation and expansion of the Frigane portfolio with new semi-finished meet products
  • We were thus able to create a design that stands out on the store shelves and is easily distinguishable from its competitor
  • Increased visibility on the shelf.
  • The articulation of the philosophy on which the Frigane brand was built