Castle Flags

Tourism  / Royal Heritage



Photorealistic rendering
Printing Consultation

The entire suit of flags are created to grab the eye and get the attention required for some wonderful tourist attractions such as: “Exhibition of medieval instruments”, “Chateau Bran – Wine”, “the Tea House”, “the Gift shops”, etc.

All the illustrations display the same number of colours for aesthetic consistency and narrative continuity. The 13 beautiful illustrations perfectly capture some of the Castle’s stories and legends.

All 13 Castle Flags are printed to our durable knitted Polyester, the Print is UV stable and water proof for outdoor use. They are finished with a sturdy headband and fittings to make attachment to the pole quick and easy.


  • “I particularly appreciated the level of creativity, initiative, timeliness, and professional communication. During the MA project i didn't feel the need to follow-up because Horia was very responsive to all my requests and adjustments. I must agree that at the Expo presentation, I greatly enjoyed Horia's MA project.“