Pixel’s wisdom

Pixel’s Wisdom is a BroHouse campaign, designed for internal use. It is an interactive project because the purpose is to build a dialogue with our audience and eventually people will share and create an impact or attitude.

Design quotes comic illustration | Teacher
Design quotes comic illustration | Olympic Sports

Who is Pixel?

This comic character was born out of a passion for design and wise thoughts. The purpose is to take a bold look at the visible celebrities of the design industry and not only, but also to educate, inspire and also reach directly to the core audience. For more information, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Creating this “squad” of Pixels, BroHouse strongly believes that people will associate this character very easily with the quotes of famous authors. 

Design quotes comic illustration | Summer
Design quotes comic illustration | Olympic Flame

A project that has made an impact

Inside the team, it was felt the desire for a change that would bring a new audience to the site. I knew from the beginning that a project like this would open up, also will encourage dialogue and debate that would bring out the strengths and spirit of the company.

We started this project by setting clear campaign goals: to inspire passionate people in design, revitalize the BroHouse brand and increase brand awareness. The year 2012 was a time full of events in which the Pixel character took different portraits or attitudes: the London Olympics, the US presidential elections, Halloween, the Austrian Felix Baumgartner (the one who reached the speed of sound, jumping with the stratosphere parachute) ) but also more special calendar days such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Romania’s national day or Christmas.

The solution chosen for this character was an illustrative design that allows it to be easily continued in different situations and manners. The character kept its features and basic elements in each illustration, the changes appearing only in the required contexts.

Design quotes comic illustration | Valentine's day
Design quotes comic illustration | Spring
Design quotes comic illustration | Zorro

Pixel becomes a hero

In the 1-year campaign period, we were shocked that this character enjoyed huge popularity, which we were not prepared for. Pixel had become for that part of our audience that comic-wise hero, whom many people wanted to associate with, by sharing, tagging on Facebook or leaving comments.

Which character do you like the most?

Design quotes comic illustration | Astronaut
Design quotes comic illustration | Autumn
Design quotes comic illustration | Vote

Long-term results and other certainties

  • The Pixel’s Wisdom campaign has increased BroHouse’s visibility on social media.
  • The involvement of the team in this campaign produced an attachment to the BroHouse spirit.
  • A clear positioning of BroHouse services.
  • Encourage dialogue and debate on online platforms.