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Ecco Curier is a postal courier service company with a national coverage in Romania. It came with a unique concept as respecting the environment and rewarding work and expectations of partners and being always up to the mark on customer requirements.

The naming communicates mainly the area of specialization, the purpose of business activity and the nature of services. “Ecco” – means  ’caring for the environment’, “Courier” – means ‘person who carries the correspondence to an institution’ .

Visual Identity
The solution found is preponderantly typography. Along with the graphic around the two letters “C” inside the name Ecco, suggests in a generic and minimalist execution, “the bicycle” which is the unique business model. Today, the bike is a symbol of urban civilisation, a symbol that tends to become a social symbol. It’s simple, cheap and an effective mode of transportation. This business model comes up with a strong competitive advantage for a niche not exploited by most of the courier services industry.

The bicycle is a mean of transport by one person, and that transportation by which “our correspondent” moving, Courier Ecco brand offers a warm, human and personal side.