Del Conte

Flash Automate is a company born with a complete vision and 27 years of experience in the marketing and distribution of coffee, hot drinks, and coffee espresso machines. Del Conte brand was born naturally in the Flesh Automate portfolio, which was born out of the market need for a premium product. Del Conte needed a rebranding to increase the quality perception of the 4 product ranges. The BroHouse team offered a new format that presents a new experience for those 4 hot drinks: coffee, tea, chocolate, and granulated milk.  

Del Conte rebranding Preium Coffee

Noble symbol to start your day

An impediment in successfully resolving the brief offered by Flash Automate was the re-interpretation of the “horse” symbol, giving it a select, exclusive and imposing personality. The new redesign of the Del Conte logo enhances the concept of exclusivity, premium, and selection. Without departing from the original idea behind the old Del Conte logo, the new logo enhances the premium features of the products through a distinctive symbol of power and superiority.

Del Conte packaging design Coffee Tea Milk Espresso

If you don’t know already, coffee and design are complementing each other

For the packaging design of the 4 hot drinks, we were influenced by the font and the authority of the name Del Conte. The 4 types of packaging design manage to provide a unique experience capable of capturing the essentials and eliminating any traces of unnecessary noise. The simplicity of the shapes and the colour palette expresses the spirit of the Del Conte brand, which successfully communicates the benefit and the difference between the four products.

To validate the final solution, we designed a series of 3D simulations, which helped the customer to see the space product, to imagine it on the shelf and interaction with consumers. Graphic solutions for aluminized plastic packaging necessitate special attention, which is why it was mandatory to perform a series of print tests.

It’s not an arrogant position, it’s exactly what the consumer would naturally say when describing the Del Conte product. The result is a simple, elegant and powerful brand that strengthens the product. The aromas are carefully preserved, waiting to be released! Take your cup and enjoy of our 4 flavours.

Del Conte packaging design Coffee Tea Milk Espresso
Del Conte packaging design Coffee
Del Conte packaging design Tea Fruits
Del Conte Packaging design Chocolate
Del Conte Packaging design Milk
Del Conte paper coffee cup design black
Del Conte paper coffee cup design brown

Long-term results and other certainties:

  1. The rebranding has increased the perception of quality on the products.
  2. The brand identity expresses the brand promise in the premium segment of hot drinks.
  3. The visual perishability of packaging design solutions, without being “used” psychologically over time.
  4. Flexible master packaging that allows the extension of the brand into different categories.

  • We’ve been very pleased to work with BroHouse, professionalism and innovation, we have developed a great partnership for fulfilling our tasks