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The Municipality of Bucharest  has decided to adopt a logotype for the city, launching a public contest for the realization of that mark.

The challenge presented was very clear. The city needed a visual system, a visual identity that could organize and simplify communication with the citizens, and could at the same time define a clear hierarchy, bringing together the city and the city hall. We needed to represent Bucharest, a global city, the city for everyone.

Thus it became clear to us that Bucharest needed to be much more than a single icon, much more than a single logo. It needed complexity. It needed life. It needed stories. It needed personality.

Everything that is presented here is Costin Oane‘s logo proposal submitted and accepted in the competition.  It is a visual concept that proposes a new way of organising the communication of the Bucharest city, one that Costin believes is suited to Bucharest’s personality, history, and most importantly, its future.