The Municipality of Bucharest has taken a significant step in city branding by initiating a public competition to design a distinctive logo for the capital. In the wake of the controversy surrounding a plagiarized logo, the Capital City Hall has opted for a fresh emblematic representation of the city, skillfully crafted by Alexandru Mihai Nenciu.

Bucharest City branding identity

Breathing life into Bucharest’s city branding

The challenge offered by Bucharest was clear enough. The city needed a visual system and a visual identity that could organize and simplify communication with his own citizens and at the same time, to be able to define a clear system, which would bring together the city and the city hall. We wanted to represent Bucharest as a global city, a city for everyone.
Therefore, it became clear to us that Bucharest must be much more than a symbol, even more than a mere logo. It needed complexity. It needed a life. It needed a story. I mean personality.

Bucharest Brand Identity

Giant “B”

Concept. The city of Bucharest is a dual city, with two faces, one looking ahead, the other, backward, the city of Bucharest is always divided into two big bodies: the city and the people, present and past. A city that goes forward, integrating both aspects.

The giant “B”. The city of Bucharest does not have its roots only in the architectural and urban forms of the city, Bucharest being the result of an interweaving of places, people and customs. From this overlap, the city of Bucharest is recommended as a transparent, diverse, dynamic and developing city.

Common ground. The contrast obtained from the interweaving of the two equal elements will always generate a solid common platform. For all of us.

Bucharest Dynamic Logo

“You Are” – unveiling Bucharest’s narrative

The incorporation of the phrase “you are” within the framework of the word Bucharest marks the genesis of a multifaceted visual language. This innovative approach allows us to craft an array of compelling words that resonate with the city’s spirit, offering a profound narrative that speaks to both residents and visitors alike.

“You are” becomes the catalyst for a myriad of evocative expressions: You love, grow, work, invest, and gain. This language encapsulates Bucharest’s inclusive spirit, inviting all to be part of its vibrant story – a testament to effective city branding.

Bucharest Sectorial Brand

“Window Logo” a powerful storytelling tool

The ingenious idea of incorporating diverse thematic graphic elements within the “B” letter creates a multi-dimensional logo design that not only captures attention but also fosters a deeper connection with the audience.

This groundbreaking approach to logo technology serves as a window into the diverse facets of Bucharest’s identity. Each thematic element within the “B” tells a unique story, whether it’s highlighting the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, modern achievements, or future aspirations.

The “window logo” is more than just a visual symbol; it’s a powerful storytelling tool. It enables the Municipality to convey the essence of Bucharest in a dynamic and engaging manner. Whether it’s seen in print materials, online platforms, or outdoor applications, this logo maintains a consistent visual language, ensuring that Bucharest’s brand message remains clear, impactful, and memorable.

Bucharest bus stop outdoor campaign
Bucharest bus stop outdoor campaign

Expression: We live together

In the realm of city branding, the phrase “We live together” stands as a pivotal element within the brand identity of Bucharest. It encapsulates and defines the city’s image, portraying it as a global metropolis, open and welcoming to all its residents. This profound message, expertly crafted by the BroHouse Team as part of our comprehensive city branding services, resonates with the essence of Bucharest, making it a city for everyone who calls it home.

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Bucharest Testimonial from Bogdan Naumovici

Appreciation and feedback

Even though the proposal made by BroHouse for the Municipality of Bucharest, was not a winner, it has enjoyed much appreciation in the online environment. Bogdan Naumovici: ” The BroHouse logo, the one with the slogan” We live together “, was among the first 10 discussed and was appreciated. Here is an appreciation that appeared on 4th of May, 2017 in the magazine Paginademedia.ro: ” There was also a slogan that I liked:” We live together! “. For a city divided between beautiful and free young people and retirees, between cyclists and drivers, among other things, it is an interesting positioning.