How To Web | 2010

How to Web was launched in 2010 and quickly became one of the most important technology events in Central and Eastern Europe. The “How to Web” conference is the best-known event dedicated to start-ups in Romania. The “How to Web” 2010 conference, one of Europe’s leading technology and innovation events, lays out the methods, tactics and mindsets of start-ups that have led to digital revolution, and offers direct access to international and local experts, as well as successful examples of the new a wave of start-ups from Romania also takes Central and Eastern Europe.

How to web conference notebook design

The event that inspires the world

The initiator and founder of this project is Bogdan Iordache, who decided to build one of the most powerful “meeting and discussion places” on entrepreneurship and technology in Eastern Europe. The mission was not simple at all, because unfortunately, Romania doesn’t exist “on the map” of major events.

It needed a brand and a massive promotion that would “work” efficiently without giving fake expectations. Bogdan Iordache was aware that personalized graphics can have an impact on his audience. Specifically, the main objective was to communicate the format and specificity of the event: the invited speakers, the discussion area, the location, the ticket price, but also the partners of this exceptional event. BroHouse has built all the materials needed for an international event based on research, graphics, illustrations, print collaterals, but also consulting services and brand strategy.

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An event at the superlative

In 2010, the event “captured hearts” and enjoyed so much notoriety in the public space. Back in 2010, “How To Web” was on its 6th anniversary. Since then, there have been dozens of other editions with the same eager audience for business discussions and shared passions.

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How to web conference roll up design
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How to web conference T-shirt design
How to web conference notebook design
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Horia Oane si Costin Oane
Adelina Oane si Horia Oane

Long-term results and other certainties

  1. The construction of design is based on a fresh spirit and an honest design that communicates: “what you see is what you get”. This has ensured impact and relevance in an increasingly competitive category. 
  2. It has become one of the most prestigious events in Eastern Europe.

  • "Horia and Costin are life-saver designers. With their help, How to Web 2010 was pimped with a ton of high quality"