Dracula – Bran Castle

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For more than four decades, Romanians have shown little interest in embracing Count Dracula and his home, Bran Castle – the key element of any holiday in Romania. The necessity of Branding for Bran Castle could play a very important role in developing and promoting the brand of Romania. We believe that Dracula tourism should have a distinct segment of Romanian Tourism.

This project covers 2 years of hard work and hundreds of hours of research. Bran Castle is a project and it couldn’t be possible under the close supervision of the teachers from the prestigious “Nottingham Trent University”.

  • “The Universe has recently blinked and one word was transformed into a lively cell. And while the angels were bringing gifts to it, the one of Creativity stumbled and spilled the whole cup. "It's too much!" the voice of God was heard, as he split the cell, in order to make two to carry the burden of beauty in the world. Costin and Horia are playing nowadays, in an intelligent manner, with the signs, the shapes, the shades and words that are randomly spinning through the world. They arrange them, mix them, cut them, stick them together, they paint them to invest them with meaning and messages. It’s their given destiny, a path sometimes followed willingly and other times out of necessity, but always with great enthusiasm.“