Arcalis is an early development center dedicated to children aged 3 months to 4 years, designed to embrace and guide them through every essential stage of their growth. Our branding process has been meticulously crafted, from naming to visual identity, reflecting the essence and commitment of our development center. With a focus on movement-based development and holistic support for healthy growth, Arcalis emerges as the ideal partner for parents seeking to invest in a solid foundation for their children’s future

Arcalis branding logo

The naming, the starting point of the brand

By choosing the name “Arcalis,” we aimed to capture the essence of this lost paradise, adapting it to the modern context of child development. The name itself is a linguistic innovation that evokes Arcadia but is also unique enough to serve as the foundation of a strong and distinctive brand identity. This mythical place, symbolizing perfect balance and innocence, served as a source of inspiration in conceiving the name “Arcalis.” The naming process involved meticulous research, brainstorming, and many iterations, with a focus on sound, cultural relevance, and domain availability.

Arcalis Social media

The visual identity of Arcalis: the joy of beginnings.

The logo solution is simple and friendly, aiming to enhance the recognition of the name “Arcalis” and to be easily applicable in various communication contexts. The letterforms and typography treatment embody the spirit of Arcalis. The creative process involved designing each letter individually, crafting unique shapes, proportions, and details to reflect a distinct aesthetic and integrate harmoniously with the rest of the associated design elements. The letter “A” serves as the foundation of the logo, symbolizing the initial of the name “Arcalis”. The curved line resembling a “smile” adds a human and friendly element to the symbol. This approach reflects an open and inviting atmosphere for both parents and children, promising pleasant and beneficial experiences.

Arcalis slogan brand

The slogan that depicts heart and smile in education

The slogan “Education with heart, learning with a smile” is not just a motto; it’s a story that begins with the smile in the initial letter ‘A’ of Arcalis. It’s an invitation to an educational journey filled with warmth and joy, where every smile is a step in our children’s evolution. Through these words, we convey not only the passion of the Arcalis team for children’s development but also the promise of an educational experience full of warmth and joy. In every interaction, we strive to embrace hearts and inspire smiles, creating an environment conducive to learning and growth. This slogan reflects the essence and values of Arcalis, deeply connecting with parents and the community, offering them confidence and assurance in choosing the center for their children.

Arcalis visual identity
Arcalis Social Media

Transforming education through branding and innovation

By establishing a solid visual territory, we have created the coherence necessary to guide parents towards immediate recognition of the Arcalis brand. We have shaped the entire architecture of the brand to convey consistent messages about its identity and values, while the confident and human tone of communication supports the authentic way in which Arcalis shares its story with stakeholders. Through a progressive approach and creative thinking, we have transformed Arcalis into a landmark in early education. We have created a digital space full of interactivity and relevance, offering educational content and valuable resources for parents and educators.

Arcalis carte de vizita
Arcalis ecuson design

The branding process, a visual narrative

The BroHouse team didn’t just create a logo; we crafted a visual identity that speaks directly to parents’ hearts. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for aesthetics, we built a visual narrative that conveys Arcalis’s authenticity and commitment to children’s development. The Arcalis brand now shines as a beacon in the educational landscape, thanks to the efforts and dedication of our team. Each color and every line holds profound significance, reflecting Arcalis’s friendly attitude and unwavering support for every child in their developmental journey. We are proud to be partners of Arcalis and to contribute to building a brighter future for every child.

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  • "I really enjoyed the collaboration and I highly recommend it. From the first consultation, I understood that they are a professional and dedicated team. The final result won me over with its appearance and connotation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"