A productive meeting at TÜKOV Foundation in Istanbul

Horia Oane & Mine Barisik paid a visit to the famous TÜKOV Foundation in Istanbul. Not only a productive & nice visit (and a beautiful sitting in Istanbul) but it was nice to see how the members of TÜKOV Foundation want to promote the Turkish legacy: Emperors, Sultans, State, Leadership, language, faith, history. Soon, BroHouse will start an extraordinary project together.


TÜKOV (Turkish World Coordination Foundation) was founded by Şahin Çokyamanin and it was established in Istanbul in the 2nd half of 2012. The purpose of the Foundation is based on the philosophy of “Unity, Idea and Unity in Business“, the Turkish World Coordination Foundation.

Purpose of the Foundation

To examine the economic, social and political structures of Turkey and the Turkish World in scientific and academic terms, to assist in the education of Turkish youth, to encourage the success of students and faculty, to study in education, culture, health, scientific research and development . Researching and evaluating the results of the program to the broad masses of people and especially the youth sector.
It makes all sorts of scientific and academic studies, develops proposals, produces socio-political and socio-economic policies, protects the interests and interests of Turkey and the Turkish World in economic, social and political context. These are the main aims of supporting public institutions and organizations.

It works independently of all political institutions, serves the unity of the Turkish States and the Turkish Nation.

CEOhaber newspaper

Soon, BroHouse will start an extraordinary project together. A visit in review in the prestigious Turkish newspaper CEOhaber(see the link).


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