For the second time, BroHouse has been awarded with a Bronze Pentawards hosted at the Royal Opera House in London

Pentawards 2022 BroHouse

The winners of the 2022 Pentawards have been revealed and we are thrilled to announce that, for the second time, the work by BroHouse branding agency was awarded a Pentawards bronze medal, at the world’s leading and most prestigious competition for packaging design. 

The bronze award was offered in the “Pet Products” category by a truly prestigious jury, comprised of individuals of the highest calibre in packaging design, branding and marketing, colourfully represents the global spectrum of packaging, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Carrefour, Superunion, or PepsiCo. This year, the jury selected out of over 2,000 entries from more than 60 countries around the world.

“It goes without saying that it is a great achievement to receive this award, especially considering that it comes from the most respected awards in the packaging industry, where the competition involves the ‘crème de la crème’ of the field. Some of these names have acted as inspiration and professional role models for us over the years,” said Costin Oane (Co-Founder of BroHouse branding agency).

Crida Pharm

“But in spite of all the difficulties, we, at BroHouse, were determined not to put our hands down but to push harder towards success and new heights. We put a lot of effort and creativeness to create packaging design that would be different would inspire people in these hard times and raise positive emotions and awareness. Remember, we imagine to transform” said Horia Oane (Co-Founder of branding agency BroHouse).

BroHouse was also awarded at Pentawards in 2020, for the packaging design of SanoVita vegetable pates.

Pentawards is the first and only worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to everybody in all countries who are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging. The winners will receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond Pentawards according to the creative quality of their work.