Costin Oane is the winner of the Pack Romania 2018 for the creation of the Ground Zero Beer label


Costin Oane winner of the Pack Romania

The frame of the contest “Think About the Box”

Pack Romania magazine in partnership with Ground Zero, organized the second edition of the “Think about the box” competition. The theme of the edition was the creation and production of the label for the 4-pack type packaging of Ground Zero craft beer.

The competition took place in two stages. In the first stage, 3 projects were chosen from the creations started in the competition, and in the second stage, each designer, whose project was selected from the finalists, had to create a team with a packaging manufacturer and together to complete the packaging. The finalists of the second edition of the “Think About the Box” competition was: Costin Oane, Irina Ruxandra Patrichi and Cantemir Vieru. 

The winning team of the contest is going to win 2.000 Euro.


After a thorough evaluation of the works entered in the contest, the jury made of Mihnea Ghilduș, (Dizainăr), Dragoș Motica (Ubikubi), Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. (Peggy Production) and Sebastian Bucur (Ground Zero Beer) selected the projects of those who entered the final production stage and teamed up with a dedicated packaging manufacturer.        

The team of Costin Oane (founder of BroHouse-design and branding agency) and the producers Romprix and Total CMYK  was the winner of the second edition of the design and production competition, “Think About The Box”.     

Thank you to # GroundZeroBeer, also the jury members and all the partners and sponsors who made this edition!