BroHouse is a creative branding studio founded in 2007 that stands for the functional and effective brand building that is able to bring a commercial benefit to its pride owner.

We’ve graduated life’s school of identity

BroHouse’s philosophy is based on the two founder’s, Costin and Horia Oane, life experience as twin brothers; their life-long-challenge is to make others perceive the difference between two similar faces. Similarity is what thought them how to make a difference. Both in life and business.



Business has grown. So did our team.

Lately they benefit from the help of Robert Muster, a talented and experienced web developer. He joined the team the moment BroHouse developed key-services for the online environment. Right now each and every one of the team members contributes to the studio’s strategic development through individual passion, ideas and meticulous execution.

We think big. We work hard. We aim high.

And it’s always been like this since the 2 brothers founded the studio. To get us where we are, it took only 2 things: big thinking, hard working.

Motivated by the success of our clients

We love what we do, and we strive to provide the best services for our clients. A great design can make a good idea even better.  Every client brings new inspiration.

Awards & Mentions

 There’s only one thing better then doing a great job: being recognised for it..

BroHouse’s portfolio is on the list of the most creative designs projects, along with other highly successful logos. It is a solid proof that our work is seen and appreciated, even abroad.

Dozen of projects appeared on:

Designr x


5th place at Inspired – National Graphic Design Competition
4 distinctions “Logo of the Day” by the website “Logo From Dreams Awards”
1 distinction “LogoPond”
2nd place in the competition “Best Blog Design” – National Competition held in Bucharest “Best PR Campaign” – Technische Universität – Ilmenau (Berlin)