Dracula – Bran Castle

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For more than four decades, Romanians have shown little interest in embracing Count Dracula and his home, Bran Castle – the key element of any holiday in Romania. The necessity of Branding for Bran Castle could play a very important role in developing and promoting the brand of Romania. We believe that Dracula tourism should have a distinct segment of Romanian Tourism.

This project covers 2 years of hard work and hundreds of hours of research. Bran Castle is a MA project and it couldn’t be possible under the close supervision of the teachers from the prestigious “Nottingham Trent University”.

  • “I particularly appreciated the level of creativity, initiative, timeliness, and professional communication. During the MA project i didn't feel the need to follow-up because Horia was very responsive to all my requests and adjustments. I must agree that at the Expo presentation, I greatly enjoyed Horia's MA project.“